Karen enjoys painting in vibrant colors. Her watercolors and acrylic paintings capture the essence of her joy for living.

2 Responses to Paintings

  1. Candie says:

    Hello, I am trying to track an artist that has signed an oil painting I have that appears to be dusk with the name K. Elaime or Elaine. It has two humps on m or n and I would like to know if that is how you sign your paintings. Your web says you paint with bright colors however this is all in browns and grays at sunset with a muddy farm lane leading back to the hills.
    I tried to paste picture of signature but it will not let me. Thank you for any information you can provide or your time if you have none.


    • Karen Elaine says:

      Hi Candie, Years ago, I used to paint in muted colors but I rarely painted in oils. I do not remember painting a farm scene but if you would like to email me an image I will be glad to verify it.


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