Karen Elaine is an artist, author and teacher widely known as Karen Elaine Thomas.

She combines her experience as an artist with her passion for paper and origami to create distinctive mixed media techniques. She is an innovator in the art and craft industry, developing products from concept to market most notably Splash Ink. Karen developed the Art of Kumomi and Kumomi Mindscapes, a meditative art form for personal growth and expression and she teaches meditative art  workshops nationwide.

She is the author of Origami Card Craft published by Random House and The Art of Kumomi as well as several paper crafting books. Karen is unique techniques have been featured on DVD’s and has been a guest on national craft television shows.

Art Journal Page

Art Journal Page

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  1. Kitty Collins says:

    Hello Karen, I’m trying to get into your Kumomi workshop at Art Unraveled for Tuesday 8-11 as a last minute attendee. Whether or not that works out, I’d like to know about any upcoming workshops or classes you may have in AZ. I live in Tempe. Please include me in your e (or other) mail lists. Thank you.
    Kitty Collins
    480 262 1682 Cell


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