Why Valentines Day is So Special For Me

Today is Valentines Day. It is a a day that many people all over the world celebrate love by giving cards, gifts and lot’s of chocolate but for me it is more special than that. Every year on Valentines day I celebrate the day I first became a mother. On February 14th 1977, I gave birth to a ten pound eight ounce baby boy. He was two weeks overdue and I was more than ready for him to come into the world.

I remember the first time I saw him as if it were yesterday. His head was perfectly round and his skin was beautiful. I remember counting his fingers and toes. I remember what a miracle he was.  I remember how overwhelmed I felt to know I was responsible for his little life. I was barely an adult myself.

Now, a lifetime has passed and I have watched my little boy turn into a man. I have always been proud of my son. He served his country and continues to serve as a peace officer. He is the father of four and has made a good home for his children.

So today, along with the love and chocolate, I celebrate the life of my son.

Happy Birthday Eric Lee!




About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Why Valentines Day is So Special For Me

  1. drhayes1770 says:

    Such a beautiful story! When I was pregnant, I felt like the most powerful person in the universe! I made a HUMAN! And it has a penis. I’m a girl, so how did I do that? I was that awesome.
    Seems like you felt that way too! Children really show us what love is the minute you look at them. He seems amazing!! Happy Birthday to him! And Happy Valentines Day to you!!


  2. Jo heffner says:

    Beautiful as usual Karen…love the paper you used! You always make everything pretty!


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