One Step at a Time

craneornamentMost of us would like to think that crafting is a safe profession. We are careful about the materials we use and we try to employ common sense safeguards not to expose ourselves to harmful chemicals or cause bodily injury while creating our masterpieces. We creative people navigate in a world of razor sharp blades, needles, hot glue guns, heat guns,
knives, small parts and potentially hazardous compounds. We carefully read warning labels on products before buying. We put on safety goggles, face masks and gloves to protect our precious eyes, lungs and delicate skin when we are working in our studios or craft rooms. A seasoned professional like me should know how use the tools of the trade and go about crafting without indecent to body and limb.

Today, I wanted to make some holiday gifts. I folded a tiny crane and inserted it on a
beaded string into a clear glass ornament. It was pretty, but it needed more, so I added some silver glitter to the top and let it dry. It was stunning!

In an effort to photograph the ornament, I walked around my home trying to find a good angle and background but everything showed through the clear glass. I carried the beauty
in one hand and my iPhone in the other not really paying attention to where I walked. I spotted the pine trees through my front window, opened the door then stepped down onto my front porch totally missing the last step. The next second felt like slow motion. I realized there was nothing below my right foot and in an effort to find solid ground I flew through the air with ornament in one hand and phone in the other.

In a split second I had to decide which was more important, the pretty ornament I just made and the expensive iPhone or my delicate bones and body. Once the decision was made I let go of the items in my hand and rolled myself down to the hard ground preparing for impact. I watched helplessly as my legs went over my head and back down to the ground in a thud. I saw the sparkling glass ornament shatter as it hit the ground and the phone hit hard and flat on it’s face a few feet away. I was grateful for that screen protector.

After the moment had passed and all was still, I cried out to my husband who was inside to help me up off the ground. I felt shaken and scratched up but wasn’t seriously hurt. If I had fallen in a different direction or if my head hit the big rock close by, things might have turned out differently. I was thankful to have fallen on a fairly flat surface and that I received only minor bruises and scrapes but it could have been much worse because of my brittle bones. I dusted myself off, attended to the scrapes on my hand, elbow and hip and
crafted the rest of the afternoon. All was well.

The one big lesson I have learned from today is that I must take one step at a time, and very carefully.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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7 Responses to One Step at a Time

  1. drhayes1770 says:

    Oh my heck Karen! That is a beautiful ornament! (lol, just kidding! I’m more happy you are OK!). I can understand though. We work so hard to make these pretty things we think of them before us! Be well and be careful!!
    Feel better!!


  2. Anne Walton says:

    Karen, I’m so glad that you were not more hurt! Praise God! He does protect us from ourselves sometimes, doesn’t he! The ornament is both beautiful and very clever! Thanks for sharing with us.


  3. Holly M. says:

    I’m so glad you are OK. I just turned 60 last month, and with the birthday came an increased fear of falling. Take care of yourself. There’s a whole lot more crafting to do!


  4. Karen says:

    I literally gasped when I read this! So glad you’re ok – you can always make another ornament, but you can’t make another you!


  5. Connie Ullery says:

    Well, Karen, so glad you are okay, only shaken up a little. It is very scary when we fall!!! Oh, the ornament is wonderful.


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