Laughs, Smiles and Lot’s of Miles

Retro a Go-Go Girls

Retro a Go-Go Girls

Many years ago, my mother told me at around age sixty women become invisible and are no longer valued by society. What? That statement really bothered me then and as I approach fifty eight next month I carefully look in mirror to access the signs of aging and I wonder if I am disappearing too.

If I look closely and deeply, I see a woman who loves creating, dancing, loving and truly appreciates every single day. I have experiences that my younger self didn’t have and I am constantly making colorful memories in this stage of my life. I am a better version of what I used to be, less self absorbed and much more interesting. The lines I see in the mirror are beautiful ones made with laughs, smiles and lot’s of miles. I don’t see someone who is disappearing so I am sorry to tell you this Mom, but you were completely wrong!

I am blessed to know many women in my age group who have very active lives. We dance, sing and do crazy things. If you happen to be a younger person watching us and are quick to judge, remember that you will be one of us someday and we hope you are as happy and as amazing as we are.

Thank you to artist Lesley Riley for the inspiration. You can read her insightful post on this subject here.

Watch me dance!

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One Response to Laughs, Smiles and Lot’s of Miles

  1. Kate Baker says:

    You are truly an inspiration to all women older and younger. I look at myself now and feel that I have 1 life! It’s slipping away as I try to make money and pay bills. I am slowly changing that. The past can’t be changed but the future is here now.


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