The Spot

Pink Crane at SeacliffYesterday, I stopped along the coast to visit my favorite spot at Seacliff before heading back to Arizona to take photos of this little pink crane. This spot on the California coast is a very special place for healing for me and for many others as I noticed small mementos and flowers placed under the tree that grows out of the rugged rocks and faces the sea. I visited this place often when I lived in Santa Barbara and I always felt it’s power to heal the spirit.

After I took several photos of the crane, I noticed a man sitting in his van while walking back to the car. My husband had been watching him observing me as I fiddled with the crane on the rocks and my clumsy attempts to get a shot before the crane was lifted by the ocean breeze. My husband thought I should give him the crane so I walked over to the van and asked if he would like to have it. He hesitated a little and accepted the crane and said “God Bless you.”

When I walked back towards the car, I noticed the man was crying and looking down at the crane cradled in his hands. He looked up and smiled in my direction and said “This is really cool.”

I felt such empathy for that man, not knowing what his circumstances were but I knew that spot on the coast and the pink paper crane were just what he needed at that very moment.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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