Growing Pains

I haven't decided which pain is worse. Growing up or getting older. As the reflection in the mirror changes at a frightenly rapid rate I am forced to reflect on the passages of my life. The turbulent teens, my adulthood and now my newly discovered seniorness. Most of these passages have been a mix of suffering and joy with the feeling of eternity in-between but lately, time feels like it is passing much too quickly. The days and years are going by much faster it seems. As I slide into the downhill years my desire is to slow things down which is quite the opposite of my youth when all I wanted was for Christmas to arrive and it took FOREVER.
The mirror does not lie and now I admit it's a losing battle when it comes to keeping my youthful looks. I have invested serious money in anti-aging creams and vitamins over the years and nothing has stopped the progress of my ever changing appearance. I am no longer told how young I look and I haven't caused a fender bender while strolling down the street since I don't know when.
This is an interesting but difficult time as I enter into this stage of life but I am comforted to know I am in the company of millions of aging women that feel just like I do. I just keep telling myself that I am grateful to have the wrinkles on my face, the drooping jowels and the sagging skin on my arms and belly because I don't want to face the alternative just yet.
There is plenty of time for that long dirt nap. Later…. 

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to Growing Pains

  1. Lauren says:

    You know they never did fix that bent over stop sign in San Diego…


  2. Charles Cage says:

    There are many negative preconceptions about aging, such as the physical changes and the tendency to be over-emotional. But people must realize that you can still have fun while getting old. So make the most of your life and start feel young and vigorous. =)


  3. Pat Hacker says:

    Karen Elaine I am 77 and I do not feel the way that you do and I never have. If we were geographically closer I would come over and give your little tushie a good swift kick. Stop the silly little pity party and go out and make people happy with your talent and those cranes that you fold so well. I still have the only one I was ever able to make. It is dusty and it still looks like one of those godzilla monsters that crush New York in those Japanese movies that are dubbed with English. It’s not much, but I made it (thanks to you) and I smile every time I pass it (several times a day)..Karen Elaine taught me to do that and I will not have you belittling the wonderful girl who made me feel good about myself…
    luv you luv you luv you
    Pat Hacker


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