New Home

I have a new address and I am finally home. Moving was the culmination of months of decluttering and letting go and it feels wonderful to be in a new home with great views and less stuff to dust. I didn’t realize what I was putting myself through these past five years by living on a busy corner in a run down neighborhood until the experience of a week of peace and quiet in a blanket of safety finally sunk in. I am now settled in and comfortable in my new surroundings. It will take time to find my way around with the lights off but there is so much less to trip over in the dark. I can really say that life is good right this very moment.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to New Home

  1. Well, good for you! Indeed, the new surroundings of a new home feel quite great. It’s refreshing, physically and mentally, especially when the move is over and you have time to relax and appreciate the new home.


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