Pterodactyls and Cranes

Folded CraneThis weekend we had our plumber fix another leak under the house. Jerry the plumber (yes that’s his name) has become a regular visitor these past couple of summers when the pipes seem to break due to the blazing heat. We always thought he was a bit grumpy and somewhat abrasive but at least he got a dirty job well done. No one likes to crawl under a cramped, spider infested space and during his last visit he complained and cussed the entire time he was under the house fixing a leak near the water heater. So this time we prepared the area where he was to work and made ourselves available to help while Jerry crawled under the house. The leak was in a fairly accessible area so it wasn’t too difficult this time and he was able to fix the problem in under an hour with not even a cuss word uttered.

When he came into the house with paperwork for me to sign he noticed some cranes I had folded on the dining room table. He asked ” Who made those Pterodactyls?” My husband looked at me a little funny and I replied, “Oh the cranes? I made those.” Jerry said still looking at the cranes, “Yeah, those Pterodactyls. How long did it take you to make them?” I told him it doesn’t take long, and offered him one. He accepted with a big smile saying that his daughter would love it. He asked me how I learned to fold and I told him what I do for a living.  He told us about his kids and a little about what he likes to do other than plumbing. His normally grumpy demeanor changed as we engaged in conversation. We got to know our plumber just a little and he got to know us. Just because of a folded crane, we have made a new friend who happens to be our plumber too!

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2 Responses to Pterodactyls and Cranes

  1. Plumbing says:

    Maybe that’s why cranes look like pterodactyls in the air. Fact: The sandhill crane isn’t just old as a species, individual birds also live a very long time–up to 20 years in the wild.


  2. David Haas says:

    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!


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