You know you’re married when you plan to spend Friday night at home depot.

In two weeks my husband and I will be celebrating one year of wedded bliss. I still have the best of both worlds, a loving home life and amazing career where my creativity can flourish in unbounding ways. This week I was hit with a bad case of strep throat which came with a fever of 102 so had to cancel a much anticipated trip to San Francisco. I was supposed to be teaching my very favorite subject at an art show in Santa Rosa. I was okay with staying home once we got a backup plan in place. Now, I could focus on getting well.

The plan was that my husband was going to work on one of our bathrooms while I was on my trip and when I returned, it would be magically finished. The trip was going to alter our predictable schedule of dancing on the weekends since I wouldn't be home until late Saturday night, so I figured this project would keep him occupied in my absense and better yet, I would get my bathroom remodeled without having to do a thing. A perfect plan! Well, life happened…

My husband started on the project as I was trying to rest but it was difficult hearing the sounds of a hammer and chisel all day long. Once he dismantled the shower enclosure and that was a mess, he was ready to install the new one, and at that point there was nothing I could do but help. It was impossible for him to do this alone, since there were so many cumbersome pieces that had to be fit. So, together we managed to get all the pieces trimmed, fitted and glued into place. It took hours and a lot of griping but it was accomplished. There were just a few more things to do but that would have to wait until tomorrow. I was exausted as well as he.

We made a list of things we needed to get at Home Depot to finish the job while we ate dinner and realized it was already closed so we would have to make the trip in the morning.
I noticed it was the time we usually leave to go dancing at the local casino. My husband said, "You know you are married when you plan to spend Friday night at Home Depot." I chuckled and said "Yes, Honey, and I have never been happier." We will have many more opportunities to dance but this day was priceless to me because I realized that I can be just as content at home doing mundane things with a sore throat as long as I have my best friend by my side.

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One Response to You know you’re married when you plan to spend Friday night at home depot.

  1. Well, that’s the role of the husband. They should repair anything that’s not working. Hahaha! You can at least give him an award, right?


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