Getting Old

My Bone ScanYesterday, I received really good news. I am getting old! That’s right. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back, arthritis in my hip and the spot in my breast was from compressed tissue which is something seen in older patients. Never thought I would be so happy about becoming an older woman. The aches and pains still remain as there is no cure for old age except one and I am not ready for that. Instead of fearing the return of breast cancer, I am embracing this new pain as a reminder that I am still alive! So yesterday, I took a long walk hand in hand with my husband and felt extreme gratitude for being given another chance at living.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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10 Responses to Getting Old

  1. Nicole Matocha says:

    such a beautiful post. I’m so happy that you got good news.


  2. Gina says:

    What a wonderful way to interpet news such as this….


  3. Helene says:

    Such good news. I’m getting old right along with you.


  4. Erin-Joi says:

    First the bad news, you are getting older. then the incredibly good news, it was that and not a reoccurance! Woohoo! I think I would take it the same way you did. Good news overall.
    I walked in the Avon Walk in DC earlier this month. I walk with two lists in my pack. One of memory and one of celebration. you are on my celebration list.


  5. Ron says:

    So glad that you’re just getting old! What wonderful news!


  6. Stredrocks says:

    Dear Karen, If all comes as his Grace, Than your wonderful attitude in face of Adversity is his Gift. My pleasure to meet you and your Husband, Bill, the other Day.
    Sincerely, Tom Kelly


  7. Sue says:

    I know all about back issues. I had back fusion surgery a few years ago and I love the pain now a lot better than before. I can walk straight up and down again. As for the rest of it you are doing a good job helping me with Origami. I bought your book to make the box with accordion card. I finally got it and the exercise was really good for my brain. Thanks. I love it when I finally figure stuff out.


  8. Cherish those few moments. The pain is very physical, yes. But if you are happy emotionally, then getting through this part of your life will be much easier.


  9. Felix Worley says:

    You sure are optimistic person for someone welcoming old age! You’ve certainly accepted it with open arms. Now that you have come to this period, you’ve become wiser, too, by looking for something good in any situation. Despite the age-related body pains that you faced, you carry those burdens proud, and you’ve turned them into blessings. I hope you can cherish and spread more of your positive outlook in life to other people, especially your fellow seniors.


  10. donna says:

    welcome to my world my internet friend… the disk thing, the hip thing, and more… what my ex-doctor told me years ago that I will have to learn to live with the pain and to look at it this way. there is no cure for arthritis but hey nobody ever died from PAIN… what a jerk… yep I fired him… the pains are still here but this is my life and as long as my eyes open every morning it’s a good day… and yes it stinks when the numbers keep getting higher every year… you are still a vibrant woman don’t you ever forget that…


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