It Takes Work to Stay Positive

Just got off the phone with my doctor. The MRI shows two small lesions in my left Iliac bone which explains why I have had pain there. Next on the list is to schedule a whole body PET scan to see if the lesions are "hot" or not. It was a clear PET scan less than a year ago and as in my previous scans, I always have celebrated the good news knowing I skated by the inevitable one more time. My first PET scan five years ago, showed mets in the same area so in hearing this news I am a little shaken. I try to forget what lurks in the shadows and go on with my happy life which is amazingly wonderful until something like this stops me in my tracks. It takes work to stay positive, but sometimes I have to let go and shed a few tears, then pick myself up and keep going. Everything will be okay, no matter what happens.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to It Takes Work to Stay Positive

  1. DebbieHM says:

    I hope the PET scan shows everything to be fine. But your viligance and positive attitude will help you make it through whatever comes. Take extra good care of yourself!


  2. cycagivigo says:

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