Warning: House Cleaning can be Dangerous

The Dyson Incedent

The Dyson Incident

The evil vacuum cleaner has struck again! Last month, my good friend was attacked by her Dyson, a very pricey cleaning machine which left her with a broken toe. Today, I am the most recent victim of the clumsy and outrageously expensive dirt sucking machine. As I vacuumed the dark corners of my bedroom this morning using the long arm attachment on the yellow beast somehow the body of it which is quite heavy fell forward and hit my shin resulting in a nasty bruise that looked like a knuckle growing out of my leg. After yelling a couple of choice expletives my husband came to my rescue with a large ice pack and I immediately elevated the injured leg. We couldn’t believe that such an innocent cleaning machine could do so much damage so quickly and easily!

While icing my leg I understood why most accidents happen at home. I suppose I should have read the instruction manual before using the machine but I am not sure that may have prevented this mishap. I felt completely inept at the art of house cleaning and decided it would be best leave it up to the professionals from now on.

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One Response to Warning: House Cleaning can be Dangerous

  1. Debbie says:

    I always knew housework was dangerous! That’s why I try to do just enough to escape becoming a guest on “Hoarders”!


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