A Promise

Last night, I made a promise. A promise to live each day to the very fullest. A promise to be a good friend and loved one. A promise to never forget where I came from, and a promise to join the fight to end breast cancer. This November, I will be taking a 3 day walk for the cure. For the sixty mile walk, I will begin training soon. I made a promise to myself that I would give back what was freely given to me, and that is hope in the face of fear.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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4 Responses to A Promise

  1. Nancy says:

    Continue on your path to walk those 60 miles. You can do it.


  2. Erin-Joi says:

    In 2001, my husband and I signed up for our first marathon walk for breast cancer. It was to take place in the month that was the ten year anniversary of his mother’s passing. In May, we will be walking in the Avon Walk in DC. This will be his 12th marathon walk and my 14th. Welcome to the community!


  3. laura says:

    just read your story about breast cancer. so glad you’re a survivor. lost my mom to breast cancer too. still dealing. keep fighting, and living.


  4. katy says:

    I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was young. Today I have a friend who is a 16 year survivor. Dyes her hair pink every year does the local race and does 3 days. She’s going to SF soon for that 3 day. Blessings to you !


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