Creativity, my Fickle Friend…

Art AngelCreativity comes and goes as she pleases. I have learned that she decides when she wants to visit. I invite her into my home and my life but she has her own schedule which doesn’t always mesh with mine. I have tried to bribe and cajole her into staying for longer periods but nothing works. She breezes in and out of my life like the seasons.

Sometimes she knocks on my door at 2 am and she doesn’t leave for days. I don’t get much sleep then, but I enjoy the intense caffeine enriched visits. She leaves unannounced and sometimes right in the middle of a painting or a project. There have been times when she has not been by for weeks or months and when I am about to give up on her completely, she bounces back into my life like a ball of sunshine and fills my soul with colorful light. She is fickle and unpredictable but I have grown accustomed to her strange ways.

I always am thankful for the gifts she brings.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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