Here’s Your Sign!

Last week, during my travels with a friend through Arizona, I happened upon an unusual sign after driving through a tiny town called Hope, a few miles west of Wickenburg. It struck me so funny, I made a hasty u-turn on the narrow two lane highway and jumped over a rusty barbed wire fence in 100 degree heat to get a photo of this sign.

Beyond Hope, Arizona

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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4 Responses to Here’s Your Sign!

  1. Don’t you love it when someone goes to incredible time and expense to create a fabulous sign that they are obviously proud of — and they misspell it?
    Cracks me up, every time!


  2. serenity says:

    That is an awesome photo moment. I love when these opportunities just pop up out of the blue. What an awesome sign, and the misspelling makes it all the more priceless.


  3. lorraine says:

    I think it was well worth jumping the fence for!!!


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