This Moment

At this very moment, I am content and at peace with my life just the way it is, all of it, good, bad and ugly.

Today, I went on a bike ride through the side streets of town. The air is cool and crisp and I could smell the dampness of the earth after yesterdays rain. I could hear the birds singing and the leaves making soft sounds. I could feel my leg and butt muscles work as I climbed the small hill. I felt the sunshine on my back and arms. I felt the breeze make my hair swirl around and brush across my face. I felt grateful to have hair.
I felt grateful to be alive. I felt grateful to have this moment, which is really all I have.
When I find myself traveling into the distant or recent past or when I try to see what the future may hold, the moment is lost and the peace I feel inside sometimes becomes discomfort.
So, I celebrate this moment and celebrate life no matter how I may feel.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to This Moment

  1. Karen, A great reminder… that we only have this moment, that is what we all have so take advantage of it! Good to have a post from you as I have been wondering what is up in your life.


  2. Ron Perry says:

    And i celebrate with you, my friend! Fair winds and safe harbors wherever the journey leads.


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