These past few months have been pretty darned busy for me. I am almost finished with the card making book for Random House/Potter Craft and am now preparing for the biggest hobby and craft trade show of the year. I haven’t had much time for goofing around these days between travel and the pile of projects on my desk, but I make sure I sing a couple of my favorite songs on Karaoke night at the local pub.
Check out a project I have been involved in. My dear friend Carol Duvall is up to something, and I am tickled to be a part of it!

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Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Projects

  1. Pat says:

    I was so happy to read that Carol Duvall received the first Craft and Hobby Industry’s Lifetime Achievement Award! She so deserved it!


  2. Ron Perry says:

    A new book on card making? cool! Can’t wait to see it. And I’m waiting impatiently for the Art Unscripted DVD from PageSage!
    Take care of yourself!


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