Traveling can be exhausting but it doesn’t come without perks. I am fortunate enough to have worked and visited many cities and towns around the world. This week, while at a conference I have enjoyed the white sand and aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Sandestin Florida, just about 4 hours east of New Orleans. The weather is balmy with warm moist air and the red tide looms a few hundred feet out on the shore. Since I moved to Arizona, I have been searching for my favorite constellation in the heavens and without success. Last night, I sat on my 12th floor hotel room deck after a long days work and listened to the soft waves rolling over the sand. I looked up to my left and to my surprise saw Orion in his full glory glistening in the sky. It felt good to have finally found him again and that he is still brightening the heavens with his twinkling sword, bow and arrow.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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