You are loved

RockYesterday afternoon while the sun was setting on the Arizona horizon, I painted a simple heart on a river rock that I picked up while hiking along the Verde River in Cottonwood. It was the perfect shape for what I had in mind and these days I have been very aware of rocks shaped like hearts. Since my heart is full of love these days, I painted a vibrant red one and surrounded it with a serene color of blue and aquamarine. On the back, I wrote “you are loved” which is a reminder that love has always surrounded my life no matter how hard things may seem to be and giving love is the best present I can give to myself as well as others.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to You are loved

  1. Tim Holtz says:

    hey karen- good to see you’re blogging again. thinking about you often and have you linked from my blog. stay well…


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