Wherever I go, there I am…

One year ago today, I packed up my belongings and left what many people call paradise. I moved to an eclectic town in the heart of Arizona just under the shadow of Mingus Mountain and a little south of the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona. It has been an amazing year filled with joy and adventure but not without pain, fear and a few broken toes. I know I have landed in the very right place. I ran away from home and in doing so, I found my home. Wherever I go, there I am.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Wherever I go, there I am…

  1. j.rose says:

    Through a series of clicks I landed at your blog home and I just wanted to jot a note to say what a wonderful time spent it has been to read through. I have been struck by the number of things in common we share!
    1. A love of Chris Spheeris music (yay!) I will now have to check out the Liquid Mind series you have linked here.
    2. A love of hummingbirds. I too put out a feeder in August and within hours they were enthusiastically visiting.
    3. A passion for creating art, a love of paper (and especially origami).
    4. Coping with the physical challenges of illness and learning and growing through those challenges.
    5. Significant life change, leaving the old and embracing the new.
    6. Maintaining the freedom of the little girl and still letting her play and giggle and express regardless of life’s “challenges”.
    7. Being on a journey of self discovery and growth, with a passion for giving and sharing and loving.
    Congratulations to you on living your passion in your art, my gratitude to you for sharing and teaching and contributing and remaining open even through heartache and fearful times, and my best wishes to you for health, love, joy, and serenity.


  2. clintine says:

    Karen, follow your own star and you will never lose your way.
    I remain grateful that our personal journeys led us to the same point on a path years ago; you have touched my life and (thru reading this blog)I am a better person for it.
    Love, Clintine


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