CairnYesterday afternoon I hiked a short distance to the Verde River and built a pool by stacking rocks until the water was a few feet deep. I sat in the beautiful whirlpool and built several Cairn while listening to the sound of the rushing water around me. When I got home, I made several Cairns out of beach rocks I picked up in California and it made me think of what these little stacks of rocks are intended for. When someone has traversed an uncharted path, and found the way, a Cairn can be created so the next traveler can easily follow. It is a great testament to humanity to see these little rock sculptures placed in critical spots along the rugged terrain to help guide their fellow travelers who happen down the same path.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Cairns

  1. clintine says:

    pardon me for stating the obvious:
    YOU rock!
    I have seen these rock sculptures on my hikes and they can be a metaphor for so many things.
    ROCK ON!
    [granite hugs]


  2. Karen,
    I have seen you on Carol’s show many times and recently read your story…we all have “bumps in the road” they make us stronger and if we’re lucky open our eyes to more possiblities.
    For all your courage,
    the joy
    of your spirit
    and the love
    in your heart,
    I admire you.
    May your gift
    of courage
    serve to inspire others.
    Karen I write poetry and created a card using origami fold…samples can be seen at
    Keep your eye on the future.


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