Viva La Blue!

BluebathYesterday, I painted the guest bathroom “Viva La Blue” and I bought a flower power shower curtain to finish the look. It’s so girly, but hey, I am a girl after all.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Viva La Blue!

  1. kate Lyon says:

    Hello Karen, It really sounds like things are going great! I am so happy for you! I tried sending a box out to you awhile back to the address you gave me at cha and it has come back “return to sender”. Please let me know where I can send it to…
    take care, Kate Lyon


  2. Pat Hacker says:

    Hey, babe….how ya doin?..long time no contact….
    Luv your choice….it’s floozie blue if I ever saw it…..reminds me of the wall colors of a motel I was in one time….battering ram marks on the doors and holes in the plaster walls….I’ll tell you the details if we ever cross paths….in the mean time…
    live it up then live it down, but live it….
    regards and respect,
    Pat Hacker


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