The Wild, Wild West

Union4everI have had the most wonderful time touring the Arizona landscape these last few days with my sweetheart. This weekend, we camped on the Chiriachua national monument two hours southeast of Tuscon and I have taken in some breathtaking landscapes. Arizona is a very diverse state and I see it as very authentic. A lot of mining towns come and go but their relics sure do tell a story. I am amazed by the honesty here in so many ways. There is a lot to paint and write about here in the wild, wild west.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to The Wild, Wild West

  1. clintine says:

    Sweetheart? Hello, did I miss something? (I have been away, so to speak, -out of my mind would be more accurate – but I thought I had caught myself up with all the blurbs on the blog. evidently NOT!)
    ehugs, Clintine


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