My Purpose

It is becoming more clear to me now, what my purpose in this life is. I have been “living life” to the fullest between six month PET scans this past year but after arriving home today I know what I need to focus my attention on. I am the happiest when I am able to share my art. I am fulfilled when I teach someone how to make something with their hands. This gives me joy and purpose. My hope is that I can give back a little of what I have been given.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to My Purpose

  1. Jeri Hovenga says:

    I check in on your posts a lot.
    You do share through your art.
    I admire your moving on and forward. You have sure gone through a lot this last year and seem to be coming out the other side very well.
    You are growing within. God bless.
    Jeri Hovenga


  2. Jo says:

    Oh, Talented One, you are not only the Guru of fabulous Paper Crafts and Art, but you are an amazing photographer, and are heads above most non-techies in computer graphic design. The photos from your Hawaii trip are still so vivid in my memory.
    I have taken the Blizzard Book class from you, and would L O V E to take a digital photo class/seminar/outing from you—how about it, are you game, oh Goddess of the Magic Picture Making Machine???
    I know many who would love a hands on class in computer art and webdesign, too. You have so much talent in so many areas. And Sedona would be a good venue, or ???your home.
    Wishing you continued success and joy in whatever you chose to teach and share. Keep twirling round those dancefloors!!! Hugs, Jo in L.V.


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