Spirit Room

CaksYesterday afternoon, we drove up the winding road to Jerome, a great little old mining town carved in the mountain just five minutes away from my home to see the Cadillac Angels play. We arrived in the smoke filled bar called the Spirit Room and I felt right at home dancing to the music I am so familiar with. In all the years I have watched them play in Santa Barbara, I have never seen a performance like that. Perhaps it’s his local back up band. Maybe it is his audience. Tony say’s the energy in the Room is amazing and he just let’s go. The place was full of bikers, tourists and locals and I was “flipped” twice (jitterbug style) by a young dancer who sported a top hat and cool looking tennis shoes. It was such good fun, that I plan to go back to the Spirit room with my best friend this afternoon. What a great way to end a remarkable weekend.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Spirit Room

  1. clintine says:

    Dearest Karen, YOU ROCK!I can just see you boogy down in Jerome. That area is full of spirits…in more ways than one! I have often wondered what drew you to the area; I’m happy to know you have a “best friend” there. It does my heart good to “hear” the happiness in your words.
    Love, Clintine


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