Get out of Jail Free

After recieving the news of the normal PET scan on Tuesday and finding out that the land in Arizona is now starting escrow, one of my good friends said, “Karen, you are getting a Get Out of Jail Free Card!”
It is so true….This is an opportunity for a second chance in life, love and happiness. God, I am a lucky woman!Gofjf_1

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Get out of Jail Free

  1. Anne McClure says:

    Hi…Read your “blog” all the time and speak of you when I’m down at the “Cat’s Meow”.I was surprised to hear you write”Arizona”. What are you planning as I have been considering moving to Tubac and have been working with a Bill Mack there. Great artist area but now I’m concerned about this “alien” stuff as it’s only 23 miles from the border and Nogales. Sick of Calif and all the liberal garbage here along with the taxes. Let me hear from you. Anne


  2. clintine says:

    hugs, Clintine


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