LionThe Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movies. At this time in my life, I can identify with the Cowardly Lion.
While facing many uncertainties, I want to turn, grab my tail, run and jump out the window in the face of fear, but I won’t. It takes courage to take a stand, and I honor anyone who does it, including myself. Grrrrrrruuuufffffff…..

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Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to Courage

  1. Pat Hacker says:

    I see that movie every once in a while. I never knew who my favorite characters were until years later. A couple of the little people opened a bar in Chicago and called it (what else?) “The Midget Bar”. I still can’t pick them out of the crowd, but I know they are in there somewhere.
    Pat Hacker
    I have never seen “cats”, but I want you to grab that tail and dance like hell. Beats the window thing by a mile and you may sprain a few valuable body parts, but you probably won’t break them.


  2. Kim Cavender says:

    My dear Karen,
    I wish we would’ve had more time in Vegas to dance and play! I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this sh#& but remember the cowardly lion turned out to be brave and strong and you are too! After all, you beat the hell out of that nasty bitch so a mere bastard won’t be able to stop you. Heal the ankle and keep dancing my brave friend. Know that I’m rooting for you and wishing you peace and serenity and joy. Your grace, dignity, and humor will never fail you.
    Much love to you,


  3. Ron says:

    Now I’m picturing you in glittery red shoes on a yellow brick road singing “If I were Queen of the Forrrreeeesssst!”
    You can do it girlfriend.


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