WpetnormalAfter two days of eating only eggs, lettuce, meat and cheese I walked into the Cancer Center early this morning looking forward to getting the PET scan done. The gray haired technician seemed a little nervous as he poked around my tired old veins. I told him I always use the “butterfly” (a pediatric needle) because my veins are shot from last years chemo. He insisted that I didn’t need one and proceeded to poke me three times and cause huge bruises before he gave in to using the butterfly. I sat in the chair with tears running down my face and asked for some Kleenex. God, it hurt.
Anyway, I proceeded with the PET scan and afterwards, I asked to see the images. He told me that I am not supposed to see them and I said, “I think I have a right to see my own picture, don’t you?” and he agreed to let me view the scan. Fascinating. There I was, a rotating translucent image in black and white. The black spots indicate where the radioactive substance is going. Tumors like this stuff and if the scan is abnormal, the black spots will appear in funny places.
After seeing my scan, my fears and worries are lessened. I am not sure what my oncologist will tell me on Monday afternoon, but I am hopeful that it is good news.

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One Response to Hopeful

  1. clintine says:

    I am hopeful with you.


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