Light up a Life

Today was a great day. The weather was warm and sunny, not unusual for a Santa Barbara December day, but the sky was soft and pretty with a combination of clouds and blue and pink sky. It was a day to be grateful to live in paradise.
This evening, I honored my mother and father by buying a paper star to benefit our local hospice, wrote their names on the back and hung them next to each other on a big pine tree devoted to remembering loved ones. It was a very moving experience and I am so glad I was a part of it. There were hundreds of stars on that tree tonight, almost as many as the white twinkling lights that made it so beautiful.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Light up a Life

  1. Pat Hacker says:

    Hey, Karen…
    Glad to hear that your weather is so nice. Could you send me some, please?
    Chicago has not been above freezing in the month of December. Ho! Ho! Ho!


  2. Wendy Reynolds-Cohn and Michael says:

    Hey, Karen Long time no see. How are you?? I talked with Bonnie and she told me that you were in the Santa Barbara news press this summer. Well, she has sent me the article and wow what a whirlwind trip you have been on huh? I just looked up your card that you had given Michael and I the last time we saw each other in SB. And found your website. I know that nothing could ever knock you out of the ring Karen, you are an inspiration to each and every person you have met. I still have the box you made me and the cards you taught me how to make at your house in Carpinteria. We live in Austin,Tx now since 2000. But, we both desperately miss SB and those sunsets. And hopefully someday will be living there again. How are the kids? All grown up I’am sure. Tina’s kids are out of college already. I still have those fond memories of Alpha training center and the dinners at Tina’s anapamu house. How is Laurant? Well, now that we can chat again lets do. Got to go for now. All our love to you and the family this holiday. And remember” If not for our helplessness there would be no nurturing”. Bye for now, Wendy Reynolds-Cohn


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