My Mothers Poem

I Still See You

I still see you:

in childish fancies found anew,

in ardent embraces

and in the strangers faces:

in their loving eyes that lie,

blind with passion and eager to deny.

I see you in the words of a song

telling of love that went wrong,

in laughter and fun,

and in lives come undone.

in the joy of the few

I will always see you

Joanne E. Denton

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to My Mothers Poem

  1. Penny Arrowood says:

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing your mother’s work in your blog. This one has touched me, as it reminds me of our youngest son – lost to a senseless auto accident three years ago, next week… It is true that those we lose are never far from us!
    – penny


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