A Good Kid

Mom always wondered if she was a good mother. She was intelligent, talented and kinda silly at times. In my early years I was embarrased to hear her sing while we were in a department store. She would belt out a tune and I would say “Shhhh…..Jeez Mom, you are embarrassing me”. She didn’t seem to care, but now I know she did.
Funny thing happened last night. My daughter was sitting on the couch and we were listening to music while putting up the Christmas tree. I started to dance to a song I liked, just a little jig, you know… She looked up at me, gave me one of “those looks” and quietly told me to stop because it embarrassed her.
I am not going to let a brat tell me if I can dance my ass off or not. I appreciate my Mom for singing anyway, even if her bratty kid thought it was embarrassing…
I love you and I miss you Mom, wherever you are.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to A Good Kid

  1. Pat H says:

    Looking back on my kid raising days I’m surprised that my four children accepted me the way they did. It never occurred to me to worry what they thought. They are pretty much the same way with their kids so I guess it wasn’t too bad. Your daughter will turn out just like you and guess what….she will be very grateful for having had such a fun mom to raise her. Your mom is right there saying ‘what goes round, comes round’ and laughing up a storm….


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