Cheer Up Kiddo

The weather these past few days in Santa Barbara has been clammy, cold and cloudy. I just can’t seem to get warm and I can’t keep my chin up either. I know that this too, shall pass and I look forward to brighter days ahead.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Cheer Up Kiddo

  1. Pat Hacker says:

    Dear Karen,
    I always want to find the perfect words. The kind of things that people on t.v. shows say that are so full of comfort and wisdom. But I’m not on t.v. and I’m not full of wisdom. I have never been able to find those perfect words. So I can only say what I sincerely feel. I am so sorry that you have cancer and I am sorry that you are hurting. I am sorry that I can’t fix it. I wish I could make everything okay. But, I can’t, damn it, I can’t. If I waited for the perfect words I would never get this said.
    Pat Hacker


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