Road Trip

KissI had a funny dream this morning and if I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it, so here goes:
I woke up in a hotel room and noticed that my hair was especially unruly. It was a mane of thick, bushy black long hair and I was unaware that my daughter had painted my face to look like Kiss while I was sleeping. I walked around the lobby to get coffee and people treated me very strangely. I thought it was all about the hair, until I discovered the black and white design on my face. Later in the dream, I was in the car with Mom on the way to a neighborhood shopping mall when I told her the story about the Kiss makeup. She thought it was funny. I could hear the sound of her laughter while she was trying on Croc shoes as I told a salesclerk the story.
Mom and I loved going on road trips before she became too sick to travel. We had some wonderful times together. I woke up this morning feeling very happy that she was with me once again, even only in my dreams.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Road Trip

  1. Lynne Everett says:

    The HI pictures are a hoot. Glad you discovered Crocs. I have only 5 pair so far. Never been so comfy and love all the colors. I am glad your spirit has been raised by your trip…now get that creativity going girl!


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