Friendly Folks

Even though it is quite hot and muggy right now, I have discovered that the people here in Tennessee are very nice. Hotel clerks, bartenders, waiters, even sales clerks have been friendly and helpful during my short visit in this green countryside just a few miles northeast of Nashville. Even the kids I have bumped into are polite and I don’t think I have heard a cuss word in the last three days except once, when I stubbed my toe on the ironing board in the hotel room. Tonight, we drove to the local Kroger grocery store to buy some packing tape. I asked a young man working at the photo counter if he had any packing tape and he said “sure” and walked behind the counter, opened a couple of drawers, then pulled out two rolls of partially used packing tape. How generous, I thought, as he held up the rolls. When we told him we wanted to buy some tape, he paused, put the rolls down and said, “did you check on aisle 6?” We started to walk to the section where the tape was sold and could hardly contain ourselves.
Being from Cailfornia and all, we aren’t used to such politeness and down right niceness.

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One Response to Friendly Folks

  1. Howie says:

    Having been born in S.E. Ohio and raised and schooled in West Virginia, I totally understand what you have experienced.
    Since I’ve come to CA (1976), I’ve become jaded and notice the rudeness and intolerance of many. I’ve tried to maintain my Mid-Western ways as much as possible.
    In fact, I even have a “southern” accent when I let my guard down! I’ll bet you didn’t know that.
    Glad that you are enjoying Tennessee!


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