Live TV

I am sitting in the Burbank airport getting ready to fly to Nashville to appear live on Shop At Home television. This is the first time I have been in front of a camera this year and I pray all goes well.
I wonder if I have prepared enough for this, if I still have what it takes. Well see…
Keeping my fingers crossed.
God, my hair is short.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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4 Responses to Live TV

  1. Ron says:

    You’ll be wonderful. Of course you still have what it takes; I have confidence in you. And I’ll be watching tomorrow evening (and probably buying something!). Hope I’ll be able to call in and talk to you!!


  2. Pat says:

    You did it last year, why would you not be able to do it this year? Of course, you are a different person and you have been through a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you got worse at anything. You still walk and talk and eat and laugh and cry and fold cranes. You know what they say about never forgetting how to ride a bike. You don’t forget how to be on t.v.
    Short hair is totally ‘in’. I go for a trim every two weeks to keep mine short.
    I’m not a t.v. shopper, but lots of people are so I say ‘give em hell’ trooper.


  3. Ron says:

    You were great! And the short hair looks terrific! A completely enjoyable segment. Now I have to go to the web site and order my mizuki set!
    – Ron


  4. ron says:

    oops! make that mizuhiki!


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