It’s all Good

I have been thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life, now that I have been given a repreive. Funny, I don’t know how long that is but I know that it isn’t forever like I once thought.

There is a distinctive difference in the way I feel about things in general and it’s all good. I think…

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Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to It’s all Good

  1. Pat says:

    We never really know our destiny. We worry about what we think is in our future. My friend was concerned about how his life style would be affected by his open heart surgery. Even though he continued to thrive he was obsessed with what if and maybe. He died in a car accident two weeks ago. No moral here. Just an example of how fate comes along and slaps you up along the side of the head.


  2. Kathay says:

    I was diagnosed with a “terminal” disease 4 years ago and given five years…Yeah, right! Like I am going to let a big bad disease win…No way! Your future is “beautiful” — like the results of your test… I belong to a stamping group called the “Stampin Hos” and we have “Ho-Downs”…You are our IDOL…Our HEROINE!!! We have ALL your Carol Duvall episodes on tape… Yes, Tivo works. Your personal strength, winning smile, witty comments, and love of glue sticks sends “can do” inspiration to our hearts and souls. You hang in there, Karen…God has great plans for you. By the way, Catherine Mace sends her love. She is finally doing better after all her very serious renal problems. Your ears should be burning as we talk about you (only good thoughts) often. We are sending you positive vibes via the Universe.
    Lots of love from a huge fan,
    Kathay In Hot HOT H O T VERY HOT Houston


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