All Dressed Up

I dressed in a nice little outfit for the diagnostic mammogram. I found the quaint little office and the receptionist asked me if I got the Dr’s message from the night before. Nope, I said. I never check that number.
Apparently, the appointment was rescheduled for tomorrow morning. No big deal. I took an Ativan earlier and didn’t really care.
So, tomorrow, I will get some more answers. Good answers, I hope.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to All Dressed Up

  1. Pat says:

    aren’t they supposed to pay you if they don’t give you 24 hours notice…


  2. ron says:

    Hi Karen,
    when I got to work yesterday, I took a sheet of paper off the “while you were out” pad on my desk and folded it into a pink crane to sit near my computer monitor so that I could think of you all day and send you virtual hugs. It’s still sitting there, so it will be my reminder today as well to reach out with good wishes and hugs all day long. Be well.


  3. Jeanine Kern says:

    I just found the log and I’m so glad the report came back “beautiful.”
    I don’t get SAH during godly hours and had missed the webcast and when I saw the products I realized I missed seeing you. I hope you will be on Saturday. I really enjoyed meeting you on the cruise. Have you worn the dredlocks cap lately?


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