It’s funny, how fear disappears when you have information and options. When I asked my Oncologist to give me the best and the worse case scenarios, she explained very clearly what the possibilites and options are in my situation. In the best case, my PET scan will show no growth of the disease or even better it could show a reduction or clearing. The worse would be an increase or spread, which would mean I would have many options for treatment. Yes, it might mean more chemo, but not at the intensity of last year. There are low dose options and other treatments. Option is the key word here. I have option to accept whatever I am faced with and I will continue to have courage and faith that everything will be allright.
Yesterday, I spent the day gardening and then I enjoyed it’s beauty with a barbeque outside. Today, I will make jewelry, have another barbeque and enjoy the fireworks tonight.
Life is awesome isn’t it?

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Acceptance

  1. Ron says:

    Yes, it’s really all about options and, as a fellow ‘cancer warrior’ (I absolutely LOVE that term), I have a feeling that you’ll opt to fight. Be strong, my friend.


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