Laurenmom_2My youngest daughter graduated from high school yesterday. We sat on the hard concrete bleachers trying to block the glare of the setting sun in our eyes while we looked for our little girl in a sea of young people wearing bright white and dark green caps and gowns. I was happy to be present with some hair on my head and feeling pretty good. The only thing that reminded me about cancer came after a firm handshake I exchanged with an elderly gentleman at the graduation. My knuckles ached terribly from the arthritis caused by the cancer fighting drug I am taking. It lasted for a few minutes and it reminded me that I am not exactly the same person I was a year ago. Then who is?
My daughter is growing up and is becoming her own person. It is a milestone in her life and in mine.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Milestones

  1. Ron says:

    Karen, Great picture of mom & daughter. And I must tell you that, for all you’ve been through in the past year, to quote that famous Billy Crystal character, “You Look Marvelous!” – Ron


  2. Howie Salsitz says:

    Here’s a tip for the arthritis. I spent seven years selling WD-40. Find an old can of WD-40 or buy it in bulk (gallon is fine) like at Pep Boys or any auto parts store. Spray it on your hands or where ever you hurt. It should help.
    My wife, Rhondi, the author, uses it on her shoulder when it hurts from a long day of “creating”.
    Oh, congrats on your daughter’s graduation. I probably told you that our youngest graduated a couple of weeks ago (but a Master’s degree in Anthropology at CSUF).
    Be well!!!!


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