The Big 50

Hulahoop_2On June 10, I am celebrating my fifitieth year on  this beautiful earth. Wow, that’s a half a century. I have lived a lot of life since 1955. As I get older I realize that life is really short in the big scheme of things. I remember how long it took to get to my 21st birthday, now where has the time gone? My kids are grown up and I am still trying to grow up.
I plan to party next week no matter what challenges may be ahead. Nothing will keep me from my hula hoop, that is for sure!

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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6 Responses to The Big 50

  1. Clintine says:

    June 10th marks my “Half-B’day” date, but I will celebrate with you TOTALLY!
    Hula Hugs, C


  2. Anne McClure says:

    Happy Birthday….and many many more. Good to see you again at the “great escape”. Same time next year! Anne


  3. Suzie K. Padrick says:

    Happy 50th!! Been there and now the fun begins!! So good to run into you and catch up on events. You look fabulous at 50!! Enjoy your special day………..Hugs, Suzie


  4. Ron says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!! And I wish you many more to come! – Ron


  5. Lynn says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you…from another in the not to distant future to be joining the “50” club! You know they say we are like fine wine… just get better and better! Enjoy your day!!! With the very best wishes! Lynn.


  6. Patty says:

    Happy Birthday Karen!
    I’m thinking of you, I think of you so often and wish I could be there to give you support.
    I remember funny things: green patent leather shoes, falls, the “wall” in PB, FUBAR, Phoebe, your unending vivaciousness, your strength, character and love. You will be blessed and you are loved! always!! xoxox Patty


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