A Day to Remember

KtmadonnariYesterday, my family and I spent the entire day painting with pastels on the smooth black pavement in front of the Santa Barbara Mission. This is an annual event that I have done for many years, but this time was special. For the first time in a year I did not even think once about having cancer, losing my parents, aches and pains or getting old. I was totally immersed in the painting and the family effort to get it done. We worked together as a unit and result was beautiful.
Yesterday was a great day.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to A Day to Remember

  1. Clintine says:

    A cause for celebration! Proof that creativity can be a healing force.
    I find that when I make something for another person, I tend to focus as much on the person as the project. This was true this weekend as I made some photo cards for someone special. i smiled all the while! (watch your mailbox…)


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