Back from Atlanta

It is so good to be home.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to Back from Atlanta

  1. Pat says:

    I didn’t know you were taking a trip, although I did miss your postings…Welcome home..


  2. Robin says:

    Karen: I so enjoyed spending time with you, Tim and the Ranger Gang at CHA. I’ve gotten to know you little by little and I truly admire your…moxie seems to be the right word. After Tim told me about your Appletini journal, I took the time today to read it and it made my heart cry, laugh and sing. It is more important to laugh and sing, but sometimes it does not hurt to cry. Know that there are people here, as there are above, looking to provide you the strength, the reasons to enjoy everyday…as well as the reasons to laugh…(Tim was a great source the other night, huh?!)Hey, remember that someone LOVED your hair color….you have to giggle at that…. I lost my grandfather, whom I was very close to, November 3, 2004. He was 92 years young and lived a wonderful life. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I’ve got the family and friends and life that I have and am grateful to add a new star to my life, which is you! 🙂 Robin


  3. LiAnne says:

    Hello Karen. I just found your blog, and am so angry to hear that you are battling the Bitch now… I’ve had many surprises of my own this year, and yet it’s all good.
    Know that I am over here on the right coast, rooting for you, and sending psychic daggers at the Bitch from afar.
    healing white light comin’ atcha riiiighhttt NOW!


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