Message from Heaven

Yesterday, my heart ached terribly for my mother. Her crystals hanging in the sun outside my window made rainbows move around the living room and a one of them stopped right over her photograph. I stopped what I was doing, sat and watched as it illuminated her image with beautiful colors of light. I wondered if it was her way of communicating with me from the other side. Then I thought that would be impossible so I got up and resumed sweeping the floor. Later, I opened an old email she sent last july when I was about to start chemo and it felt she was writing it for me today. In her message she said she wished more than anything that she could be there for me, and that she was sending me love. I didn’t delete the message, because if i want to, I can read it again and know she is right here with me in my heart.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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6 Responses to Message from Heaven

  1. Cathy says:

    You’re positive attitude is an inspiration to us all, no matter what our circumstances. I have admired you since I first saw you on the Carol Duvall Show. You seem to have a calm serentity that I’m sure will bring you through your illness to good health. I am a firm believer that our loved ones who have passed away are with us in spirit. I am convinced my grandfather has kept me and mine safe. This is a great comfort in times of stress. But when the inevitable does happen, he will also be with me to help me find peace. I pray for you, and for all of us !


  2. Babette says:

    I’ve seen you at the HIA (well, now CHA) Conventions – of course on the Carol Duvall Show – and when I see you I think of you as Ms Mizuhiki. You have such a love of life – I feel like I’m caught up in your diary. Sometimes sneaking a peek at what goes on in your day, altho’ I’m sometimes prying into your thoughts, sometimes praying for your health. You don’t know me, but I feel like we’d be fast friends sharing a glass of wine on your back porch.
    You are an inspiration to me that’s for sure. Thanks for allowing us into your world. I’m often amazed at what I’m reading. I hope this spurs you on to write another book! The only other person who I’ve known to go through breast cancer is my neighbor across the alley. She has come through it just fine – and is doing well today. She is short and tiny – when I saw part of her chest after radiation I could not believe that such a little lady could go through that rigorous treatment. She almost looked burned for goodness sake. Anyway, she is alive and doing well today. And did I mention she is in her 80’s? Yup. If she can do it – you can too! Hang in there. There are tons – no thousands – of us reading your private thoughts and loving and praying for you. You WILL do fine. Big hugs, Babette Cox


  3. Mary says:

    Well written, Babette.
    I smile at the tought of all the people who wish Karen well gathered together on her back porch sharing glasses of wine.
    The porch would collapse, the patio would crack, the entire neighborhood would become a giant sink hole, and Napa Valley would run dry.
    But, it makes a lovely, funny picture.


  4. Marv says:

    Dear Karen,
    I received my cruise documents today and hope you did too. Meeting you will be the highlight of my vacation. Can’t wait for Tuesday morning and our first class together. I hope you’re feeling stronger everyday and that this week of relaxation, laughter and friendship will do you a world of good. Godspeed until we meet in Tampa. Hugs and prayers, Marv


  5. Pat says:

    Yes, Karen, your mother can definitely communicate with you from the other side. It is possible that the crystals cause the lights to stop on your mother’s picture at approximately the same time every day. The difference on that day is that you were in the room to see it. Think back to what caused you to be in that room at that exact time. Be on the look out for more ‘coincidences’…these would be messages from your mother..she IS with you..


  6. Marilynn says:

    Thank you for reminding me of what is important in life. Your have touched me through your thoughts as well as your outlook.


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