Simple Luxuries

It was brought to my attention that yours truly, Miss Appletini was mentioned in an article for the Fort Wayne Sentinal Newspaper. How fun is that?
KRT Wire | 01/20/2005 | Sticky notes simple luxuries.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to Simple Luxuries

  1. Ron says:

    Karen, congrats!! What a great article. I remember seeing that Carol Duvall episode (I record them everyday on my Tivo and watch them faithfully – 2 on HGTV and 1 on DIY) and thinking what a great idea for dressing up a sticky pad! Now that Fort Wayne thinks so too, I will just have to pull out some chipboard and fancy paper and make myself a few. Life is so grand when you can stop and think about the simple stuff once in a while! – Ron


  2. Pat says:

    Hey, Karen,
    I just saw you on Carol’s 10th anniversary show…I don’t get DIY so I will really miss that show when it’s gone…I don’t do a lot of the crafts, but I sure do like to watch…I have downloaded lots of the origami paper patterns..they are gorgeous..I enjoy just looking at them…
    thanks for all of the great fun stuff..
    Pat H.


  3. Lynne E says:

    What a wonderful journey your life is to have shared your thoughts with us.I too shed a tear this am when Carol signed off from her wonderful show. I look forward to reruns and your beautiful face showing all your Mizuhiki and Origami projects. Keep positive…you are in all our thoughts.


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