Good News

Now for a bit of good news in the health
According to all the experts on my case, the pain in my
lower back is due to a ruptured disc and not cancer! Yahoo!!!!! Have you ever
known anyone to get excited about a blown disc?
So, I am off to the chiropractor
instead of more chemo. Whew…

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Good News

  1. Lynne E says:

    You continue to inspire me for your courage, your humor, and your creative ideas. Raining all day again so thought of you and got out my Mizuhiki and experimented with some earings,pins and bracelets. Love working with the silk wrapped Mizu. It likes to grab on to itself and stays where I put it!It is too stiff for my basketry and use the mylar mizu.instead for the twining. I will email you my pictures of the mizu. baskets I have made. Lots of fun.Have a gal that prints a wearable art magazine and she wants to photo my jewelry for a future issue. My question for you is giving credit where credit is due. Credit to you formost for exposing me to mizu. to begin with and then do I give credit to Yatsutomo instruction books for the “Good Luck Knot” and the “Josephine knot”used in my pins and earings? Please advise as I do not want the Mizuhiki god to strike me blind never to see those beautiful colors again!
    Happy Weaving,


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