Print Your Own Origami Paper

Here is a site where you can print your own origami paper!
Link: Canon 3D Papercraft – Kikkou-mon.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to Print Your Own Origami Paper

  1. denise says:

    Isn’t this the pattern you used for the sticky books on Carol’s show?


  2. Kathay Putnam says:

    You have inspired me to get involved with Mizuhiki (and I CAN pronounce it) as well as origami. I have all the Carol Duvall shows in which you have appeared on tape. I belong to a rubber stamping group and we call ourselves the Stamping Hos… Ho-Migos..We have a Ho-Down once a month and your projects are always on the agenda. Thanks for sharing all your skill, talent and ability.
    Fan for life,
    Kathay Putnam (Heidi-Ho)
    Houston, TX


  3. Anne McClure says:

    Hi! As far as the wig…..I like it. But the important thing is that YOU like it. Fooey with what anyone else says. Hang in there. We’re all praying for you. See you at the “escape”. Anne


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