Pink Sunset

Last night I cried until it hurt. I realized that I had lost the only one who loved me more than life itself. I am now on my own.
This morning, I got a call from a stranger who wanted to give a gift, and it was the gift of my mother’s voice.
This evening, the sunset was beautiful. We got out of our car to try to capture the intense swirling pink color with our camera, but only our eyes and hearts could really soak it in for only a moment.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Pink Sunset

  1. Thelma says:

    Words are inadequate, but I feel
    your grieving. You expressed yourself
    so beautifully about your mother —
    and I understand exactly what you
    said as I can say the same thing
    about my mother who has been gone
    a long time now. My father wrote this
    poem a long time ago, which I share
    with you:
    “If I had the tongues
    of a million men,
    the force of the tempest wild,
    the power of night,
    the power of day,
    the voice of a simple child,
    I would speak from the tops
    of a million peaks,
    of the power of land and sea,
    I would speak for a day,
    I would speak for a year —
    but of Mother,
    for Eternity.”
    -by Michael J. Campione ©
    Do take care.


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