My family drove to the LA airport at the crack of dawn to return my mother-in-law back to France. It was a tearful goodbye. She was here for a month and helped us around the house with the cooking and cleaning. She drove me to San Francisco so that I could work and she even helped me with my step-outs for the Carol Duvall Show right after my last chemo when I couldn’t think very clearly let alone be organized. I am grateful that she came. I am also grateful to have my house back and to be feeling a lot better. I am grateful to see a little soft peach fuzz sprouting on my shiny head. Soon, there will be real hair, and for that, I am grateful.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Grateful

  1. Dolores Durem says:

    another favorite visualization..
    (MP3 can be found at TMBG website-the music is so catchy)
    They Might Be Giants
    Tiny Doctors (Lyrics)
    I’m never sad anymore since the day
    I found out something about myself
    Now I know that I have a thing in me
    I can say I’m in the clear
    Tiny, tiny doctors, doctors
    Swimming in my veins
    Taing care of business inside me
    Clearing up the illness and pain
    Helpful, very concerned
    Putting all their medical experience to work
    Heartfelt sincere support!
    Dolores Durem M.D.


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