Yesterday, I met with my radiation oncologist. I was examined and set up for the next six weeks of radiation therapy. I got little tattoos on my chest and under my arms so that they will know where to zap me every time I come in, which will be every day. I was quietly laying under the massive machine while they figured out the treatment plan. He said the treatment may make my breast larger and firmer. I asked if he could do the other one at the same time and he just laughed.
I have to be careful for what I ask for anyway.

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Artist, author and teacher.
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3 Responses to Tattooed

  1. Dolores Durem says:

    Happy in Hawaii after getting the Rad tatoo… right there in Cottage basement. (Once took live class with you in SB)
    My trick for confinement in small spaces with fear heavy situations…. I visualize the machine as a magical transformer which will manifest my visualizations… homework.. visualize your wish list.
    I saw green with pets and love..
    and I am happy with 4 cats, love and Hawaii.
    Keep the good cheer!
    Dolores Durem M.D.
    (used to work at Sansum)


  2. Virginia Hanley says:

    My sweetheart is currently undergoing combination chemo and radiation for esophageal cancer; so many people have offered US moral (and physical) support. Please know you are not alone, that many people hold your well being in their hearts. I truly enjoy your appearances on Carol Duval and look forward to more. Be strong.


  3. Hi Karen I have had the pleasure of meeting you a few times at HIAs & ACCI shows – my own mum passed away 12 hours after I returned to Australia after Dallas HIA – I didn’t get to see her but definately felt she “knew” I had set foot back in Australia and that over the following days life would be easier for me to arrange being home & not away in Texas. Please accept my condolences and know that I am thinking of you. Twelve months ago I was getting her into a Nursing Home and cleaning out her home – discovering ephemera from 4 women dating back to the late 1800’s – my nan, her 2 sisters & my mum. Haven’t been able to sort through any yet but that will come in time. I am also saddend to read of your own ill health – I have a quote from your website on my monitor – it is the one about Creativity, my fickle friend – it has been there for a least 2 years and many people had enjoyed reading it – I look forward to more gems from you – you will win. Love from a fan from Downunder – Kristine Lockwood the Krafty Lady


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